Ask me one more time...


So now it's socially acceptable for multiple people each day to ask me if I've gotten "the shot".

Responses have included:

"which shot?"
"Anthrax? Yes."
"Do I get to see your flu shot record if I tell you?"

Ask me one more time....

Next, fun with facts:

Measles is an airborne virus with a 90% close-contact infection rate and a .1-.2% fatality rate.

So basically, same IFR as COVID-19, but WAY more infectious, yet nobody asks me if I am immunized for measles.

"But Bear, everyone got the vaccine for measles and that's why it's not an issue!"

And yet nobody is asking me to carry a smart card, vax pass, or any other proof of immunization to have the basic freedom to go shopping, or a ball game, get on a plane to Orlando, etc.


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