New addition to the family

Waited to post this until I could give a range report.... Papa Bear's Day came early last Friday in the form of a SiG P365 + 2 12-round magazines.

Speechless.... Mrs Bear, you are the BEST.

Also, this little gun was apparently made by Celebrimbor because it's smaller than most other carry guns yet shoots better than any of them I've tried. The X-Ray day/night sights are a really nice standard feature as well.

Went to the club with a couple boxes of Blazer brass...didn't realize I already had 2 boxes in the range bag. Ended up shooting through all 4, plus one string of carry ammo to check function. Flawless. I didn't want to stop but paws were starting to get raw from all the mag loading and I ran out.

Now I hear they are releasing an "XL" version which is 12 round standard and a slightly longer (3/4") barrel. Hmmm....


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