Fixing FOPA

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama has filed a bill: The Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act

The bill will amend FOPA (18 U.S. Code § 926A) transport definitions to explicitly include things like stopping for gas, food, lodging, etc. Things that should have been "understood" in the original law but routinely ignored by jurisdictions like NY and NJ. Now, they won't have any wiggle room.

Basically, under the current law, you are *supposed* to be able to travel inter-state with a firearm even through jurisdictions that don't permit said firearm if it is legal in your home jurisdiction and the one you are ultimately traveling to. It was *supposed* to be understood that the ordinary act of traveling interstate would include things like stopping for gas, food, or overnight at a hotel.

However, some jurisdictions like New York, New Jersey, etc are notorious for ignoring that and arresting people for moving their firearms through the airport even when it's just a connecting flight and NY or NJ weren't the destination. A clear violation of the spirit if not letter of the current law.

Rep. Brooks' bill aims to eliminate those "loopholes" through legislation, which I fully support.


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