Regarding l'affaire Amash...

I will reiterate for the record that I do NOT support the idea of Amash running for POTUS in *2020* on the LP ticket. I think it would do a disservice to the Party, and be disruptive at best. I wish he had gone LP from the get-go instead of Independent, but here we are.

That said, the criticisms of Amash as some sort of "washed up Republican interloper" and trying to smear him with a Bill Weld brush are ludicrous.  By my count, the areas of potential disagreement between Amash and the written LP platform are, (checks notes), abortion. And...that's it.

Compare this to any number of card carrying LP POTUS or chair candidates who:

--Don't believe in private property, aka "rent is theft" (Shipley)
--Want to "build the wall" (Abramson)
--Thinks Syrian President Assad is a "hero" (Faas)
--once said veterans were "paid killers" and "probably wouldn't" date a 14 year old (Vohra)
--is literally crazy (Ogle)
--wears a damn boot on his head.

All of the colorful characters I just listed are considered LP members in good standing, but Amash is *only* 95% libertarian (and has been for years) so he can't join the club?



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