Ngo away?

re: the Andy Ngo/Quilette versus Antifa incident, I've seen basically two types of disheartening if not outrageous reactions from "left-libertarians".

1) Basically, Ngo was more or less asking for it since he's somehow connected to Proud Boys and/or Patriot Prayer. (*I* only know of his verifiable connection to Quilette since he's listed as an editor, and that he may be sympathetic towards those two listed organizations, i.e. he's a conservative). Also, what did he expect wearing such a short skirt in that part of town?

2) Have you seen all the horrible things going on at the border?? Trump...reeeeeeeee!

Option 1 was offered up by a local "LibSoc" which is just more evidence to me that libsoc=regular-soc with a touch less state violence. Option 2 is basically more prominent "libertarians" who are AOC and Ilhan Omar fanboys because "while they are not libertarians, at least they shed light on border issues and immigration". i.e., curiously silent on Antifa.

The fact that Ngo is critical of "multicuturalism" and Islam in general...that's just a coincidence, right?

Before anyone thinks to pick up their pitchforks and torches know that I also don't consider myself much of a "conservatarian", at least not anymore. This isn't the Mises caucus.

Anyway, I just want to know when these enlightened national Beltway libertarians are going to call out violence against Americans by other Americans generated by a poisonous ideology that has been directly responsible for tens of millions of deaths, instead of cozying up to them because they support one of their pet issues.

I'll wait.


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