Thoughts on Ross Perot:

Like many Gen-Xers, Perot was my first "protest" vote. He was entertaining, came to the table with lots of charts and graphs, and really wanted to convince you of his message. He was no libertarian, but also not a "good" Republican or Democrat, either. He was Ross.

He also scared the living daylights out of the two establishment parties in 1992, when he took almost 1 in 5 of every vote cast nationwide (I refuse to say "popular vote" because that's not actually a thing in the Presidential election).

Ross Perot, more than anyone or anything in recent memory is THE reason the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to change their rules on who could qualify for their debate stage. In a way we can thank him for the two-party loyalists letting the mask slip off.

RIP, Mr. Perot. I hope Libertarians can learn from both your political successes *and* failures as we try to gain back some traction against the two party lockdown.


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