"Constitutional Carry" in OK

This is local to Oklahoma, but last legislative session the newly minted Governor signed lnto law what is known as a form of "Constitutional Carry". Basically, this would relieve Oklahomans who were 21 or more years of age (18 if active military) of the requirement to pay a fee for a state background check, fingerprinting, and a modest training class (primarily focused on CCW law) before publically carrying a pistol or rifle on his or her person.

Naturally, I welcome this development and look forward to the in-effect date of November 1st, 2019.
Several days ago, a local State Representative (mine, actually) partnered with Moms Demand Action (anti-gun group mostly funded by Bloomberg) to gather signatures for what is known as a veto referendum...a sort of "people's veto". If enough signatures are gathered, a new state question would appear on the next statewide general election ballot to put the veto to a popular vote.

Naturally, I am incensed at this development. Proponents of the veto measure have resorted to the usual battery of disinformation tactics:

"This bill was rushed through"

No, actually, it took two sessions of the Legislature before passing by WIDE margins in both houses. There was no surprise here.

"The law make us less safe"

You mean to say "the law makes me FEEL less safe without any actual evidence." 16 other states are now "constitutional", including neighboring Kansas. Last I checked, Kansas wasn't awash in blood or on fire or anything.

"People need training before carrying in public"

Ok, people should get trained on anything they want to do well. Do you also advocate for a grammar test before writing letters to the editor, or posting on Facebook? Half the population would get arrested within a week.

"We need to preserve background checks"

Hold on right there...this is now devolving into outright prevarication. The "constitutional carry" law had NOTHING to do with purchasing/owning a firearm, ONLY on when/how it may be "borne". You know, "keep AND bear" is what it says in the Second Amendment.

Stay tuned, the Moms have until the 29th to get around 60K verified signatures of Oklahoma registered voters.

--Angry Bear


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