Storytime with Mrs. Bear

Once upon a time, a Libertarian bear was cooling off in his pool on a very hot summer day, when along came a little girl carrying a bucket. The bear watched in silence as the little girl dipped the bucket into the shallow end of the pool, filled it with water, then carried it to the opposite end of the pool. There, where the water was deep, she dumped the bucket's contents back into the pool before returning to the shallow end.

The bear, amused and never one to miss the opportunity to impart a Life Lesson on an impressionable young mind, remarked to the little girl that she had just demonstrated socialist economic theory:
Take from the shallow end. Put it in the deep end of the same pool, necessarily losing some to government pockets along the way. Leave the whole pool somewhat diminished and with absolutely no improvement.

The little girl was unimpressed at the time, but a good Life Lesson leaves a mark, and she grew up to become a budding young Libertarian in spite of herself.

True story as remembered by Mrs. Bear.


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