Tulsi and Libertarian crushes

Additional thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard...

I think she has a "snowballs' chance" of getting the Dem nomination for a couple reasons.
  • She's not completely Communist.
  • She's not been "anointed".
I respect her service to the nation, but I wish libertarians would stop with the political crushes already. She seems to have good foreign policy instincts, but despite the fact she's a WAY more reasonable Democrat than the rest of the POTUS field, she's still what we would call a "typical" Democrat on most issues.

Here's a quick run down:

First, the Good:

  • privacy rights
  • criminal justice reform
  • foreign policy
  • immigration reform
And the bad:

  • gun rights
  • "healthcare for all"
  • domestic energy policy
  • basic economic policy is typical Keynesian/interventionist

So all in all, what we would have called an average Democrat 10 years ago, really REALLY similar to Bill Clinton.

Libertarians have actual libertarian options to support; please stop fantasizing about "fixing" Gabbard on your pet issue and help row the boat, already...please?


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