Thoughts on Wal Mart

With respect to WalMart and their recent announcements I want to make sure people know I'm not defending WalMart's "token" efforts to appease people. I think it's ridiculous. But to keep things in perspective, this is most likely an economic decision as much as anything else. WalMart's ammo sales are likely minuscule as a percentage of their profits, and they probably figure they can "split the baby" with gun owners by specifically stating this does not affect their concealed carry policy.

Some tough pills to swallow:

  1. WalMart isn't Dick's. They are literally over 100x larger according to market caps from yesterday. $326B versus $3.1B
  2. WalMart isn't primarily sporting goods
  3. Dick's took a hit after their shenanigans over black rifles, but THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS. (I still won't shop there b/c they have almost nothing I need)



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