Much ado about (almost) nothing?

The headlines describing the SCOTUS decision today to not hear Remington with respect to the Sandy Hook lawsuit are a bit off; I just checked SCOTUS' docket for this case, and what *actually* happened is pretty mundane. SCOTUS merely denied Remington's petition for a "writ of certiorari" which means SCOTUS is refusing to review (and this potentially overturn) the judgement of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

SCOTUS is VERY reluctant to overturn state supreme court rulings when they are interpreting state law, so without seeing the original lawsuit against Remington and the Connecticut court's response it can be hard to judge, but it seems the plaintiff sued Remington in state court, and the case has not "gone federal"...yet.

In other words, this is a pretty unremarkable development and may not mean much in the end. At a minimum, what this is NOT, is the SCOTUS "refusing to shield Remington" or other nonsense I'm reading on CNN/CNBC/AP.

Here's the petition that was denied:


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