Thoughts on long gun open carry in OK

As for OC of long guns, etc, there are ways to go about "normalizing" this that don't involve unnecessary confrontation. 

"Auditing" LE response in public spaces like parks is one thing, "auditing" private businesses' response inside their own space without prior warning is IMO not cool. Seeing as how the law recently changed, it would be common courtesy to call ahead and ask the manager. A lot of businesses are operating off of "inertia" and may not have had a chance to decide what or if any policy changes are warranted. 

A slung rifle over the back is perceived as less threatening than 1/2/3 point "combat" rig on front of body. Argue with me if you want, but the advent of the newer combat rigs was designed to give warfighters easy access to their weapons in a *combat* zone, not for shopping, eating lunch, etc in north OKC. The more ready you appear to be for combat, it stands to reason other people might think you are preparing for combat. Are you going to sit and eat a burger with that thing on your chest? No, no you are not. You're not otherwise doing "normal" things, but just adding a rifle. 

I have seen pictures of OC advocates in TX, etc in the past couple years holding rifles at "low ready" inside coffee shops, etc. If you were in my business *holding* your rifle, meaning not slung, you will probably get drawn on. If we are going to try to return to a more "civilized" cultural era, remember all of what went with that. 

And finally, try not to insult the character of people's neighborhoods if you're trying to win hearts and minds.


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