Consider this

Consider two propositions:

1) Donald Trump is a Russian stooge

2) Justin Amash is a Chinese stooge

Both propositions have little to no evidence to support them, and both have varying amounts of wild conjecture attached to them. IMO, there's actually more evidence for #1 than #2, but I believe *neither* to be true.

What I've realized in recent days is the "cult of POTUS" is just as strong in 2019 as it ever was in 2012, it's just a different group of people.

If you haven't been following, Justin Amash (R-Michigan) has stated in his opinion the President engaged in an "impeachable offense" and received an almost immediate and unlimited amount of backlash from the President's supporters.

It has not occurred to 99.9% of those supporters that Amash's statement is correct as a matter of law, in that impeachment is a political act at Congress' discretion, not a criminal proceeding. Now, whether one agrees with Rep. Amash's assessment of the Mueller Report is besides my point....bear with me...those same supporters have uncritically repeated statements about Amash's supposed Chinese business interests without actual evidence he is acting on behalf of China. He's also been accused of being a RINO (he was always a liberty Republican and arguably more conservative than 90% of the party) Muslim provocateur (despite his parents both being Christian and being a member of the Orthodox Church and going to a Christian private high school in his youth), ineligible for the Presidency himself (b/c he's presumably an alien even though he was born in Grand Rapids) and so on....I guess because his parents were (Christian) Syrian/Palestinian?

Those same supporters who rightly challenged Trump's detractors to provide actual proof of Russian collusion are now 100% sure of Chinese collusion when it comes to a staunch liberty Republican who has a pretty reliable voting record and is responsive to his constituency in a way few can match.



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