Ride the train

So here's an embellished but hopefully brief write-up of my favorite analogy of "the train to Liberty".

Liberty lovers, we're all riding on a train...a train starting in Big Government City and headed away from the nightmare of Brave New World/1984 and towards Libertopia. Liberty Republicans, Anti Federalists, classical liberals, minarchists, principled anarchists, we're all riding together for now.

Realizing that the train has a LONG way to go to even get back to American Founders' Station, we ALL STAY ON THE TRAIN. 

Liberty Republicans may disembark at Coolidgeville. Anti-Federalists and classical liberals may want to get off the train at Founders' Station. Minarchists may bail out at Night Watchman Village. Anarchists are on the train til the track runs out.

But for now....for now, WE ALL STAY ON THE TRAIN, because it's like a thousand miles to the first stop where ANY of us would even want to get out and stretch our legs.

Carry on.


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