Words mean things


"Libertarian socialism"

Two terms that mean basically the same thing, and are also both oxymorons, in practice.

Just musing since Mrs. Bear linked me to an article from a couple years ago talking about Venezuela's all-too-predictable economic collapse, in which the authors curiously avoid mentioning the underlying system of central government control....blaming the strongman/dictator for the country's woes, yet ignoring the "Bolivarian" ideals which led to that state of affairs.

The comment section was rife with "not real communism" because "real" communism (as proposed by Marx?) doesn't involve the State.

(insert vinyl record stylus screeching)

Let me help you out here, Mr. POLSCI major, the SECOND you workers band together and force an individual to join your "collective" you just created a state.

Same for "LibSoc" proponents...the SECOND you workers voluntarily organize then use *coercion* and/or outright force against your employer to extract concessions or change the employee/employer relationship, you have BROKEN YOUR IMPLICIT CONTRACT of employment and thereby initiated force if not also outright fraud.

Anyway, please forgive me for believing "libertarian socialism" and "anarcho-communism" is a distinction without a difference. Putting an adjective in front of socialism or communism may modify those words in your view, but it's still socialism/communism and therefore incompatible with liberty.


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