Dear America

Dear America,

It seems a lot of you are confused as to what the Libertarian Party actually is all about. When we disagree with Republicans, we are accused of "shilling for the commies" and when we disagree with the Democrats, we are "far-right ideologues and Koch stooges".

This isn't the half of it, but let me offer some perspective. I came to the Libertarian Party after giving up on the Republican Party (I actually first registered as a Democrat when I turned 18). I was originally what may be considered a "liberty Republican" or "constitutional conservative" (minus the theocratic tendencies of some in that crowd). Libertarian in spirit, if not name, if you will. For a long time I registered Independent... actually, "No party" here in Oklahoma, much to the consternation of the local election board nannies who were aghast I wouldn't be able to participate in the primaries! (er, yeah?)

Fast forward to today...

The Libertarian party, as I see it, is the distillation and embodiment of the best elements of the old Democrat-Republicans and Anti-Federalists of Jefferson and Madison, and the anti-slavery Republicans of the 1850s. Basically, we actually believe in the promise of the Declaration of Independence and enforcement of the early Constitution minus the defects relating to slavery and the disenfranchisement of women. It's my honest view if the Founders were time-warped into 2019 and told they had to pick a party, they would go with the Libertarians. Sure, they may be confused by some of the more colorful antics and personalities at convention, but I honestly think they would appreciate the seemingly unending arguments over the minutiae of liberty and be more familiar with the near-rancorous cacophony of Libertarians than quiet, lockstep agreement.

In other words, when your major parties shriek and spew bile and venom at us for the unforgivable offense of our disagreement and insistence on principles, I have to wonder... are they envious, maybe? Is it because Libertarians ARE MORE CONSTITUTIONAL than they? The country seems to have gone crazy lately, but I will always prefer the "crazy" of the Libertarian party to the madness of other parties because I know it's not trying to kill or enslave me.

Liberty Republicans and Democrats, your parties are morally bankrupt, ethically empty, and almost completely unmoored from the principles of Constitutional governance. The people in power don’t even pretend to adhere to your written platforms. It might just be time to stop trying to fix them from within. I encourage, invite, and admonish those of you who sincerely love liberty to take the leap and join us. Help us start re-"infecting" America with the virus of real freedom. It will take time, but the only thing at stake here is everything.


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