Conspiracy Theories

I know, the memes are funny and the latest "Famed forensic pathologist disagrees with NY Medical examiner" is all over Fox News, but I thought I'd share a blog post from LawDog, a deputy sheriff type down in Texas:

"Let's unclench our fourth points of contact here.

Yes, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. No, no one had him whacked.

If someone had wanted him killed, the best easiest way to do it is to slip $500 into Mookie's commissary account. Mookie stabs Epstein in the shower, or the chow line, or church, and he's one more child molester who got whacked in jail.

Nobody would have given a damn.

Segregation has too many cameras. No-one is going to sneak into a segregation cell and hang the occupant. It doesn't happen. It takes too long, and people -- even chomos -- fight back.

If one of those cameras all of a sudden doesn't have footage from the time of the death, then the control room operator winds up in front of Internal Affairs, looking at having a metaphorical pineapple shoved up a very intimate place.

No, what happened here was a simple case of detention staff getting careless and letting a determined man -- Epstein was looking at a very short, very brutal lifespan in prison -- get ahold of something which allowed him to both check-out ahead of the rapes and the inevitable shanking, and to go out on his own terms ... which was the only real power left to the man.

Cock-up, not conspiracy.


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