You're just being paranoid!

Remember, folks, the Democrats are not coming after your guns and you're just a paranoid gun nut.   Seems like such a quaint notion from last summer, doesn't it?

"In addition to banning "assault weapons" (whatever that means), Biden wants to give current owners of such undefined firearms a choice: They can either sell their guns to the federal government or register them under the National Firearms Act, as is currently required for machine guns, suppressors, and rifles and shotguns with barrels shorter than 18 inches. "Due to these requirements," Biden says, "such weapons are rarely used in crimes."

Sigh... It's a non sequitur that the frequency of criminal misuse of a type of firearm is due to the restrictions in the NFA, or any "assault" weapons ban.   Criminal misuse of rifles is still astonishingly low, even after the old ban expired and AR-15 rifle ownership skyrocketed.  More guns may or may not mean less crime, but more guns certainly doesn't mean MORE crime.

Additionally, I think Joe tipped his hand a bit.  When he equates heavy restrictions on a class of firearm with low rates of criminal misuse, he must know that the FBI statistics show handguns are used in somewhere around 97% of firearm homicides.   What do you think that means for the future?


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