LP2020 candidate update

Time to revisit thoughts on announce LP2020 POTUS candidates...

Arvin Vohra

Too much baggage from the statements he has made in the past.  Some may be chalked up to "inartful" but goes to instincts.  PASS

John McAfee

Do we really need more reasons than "Crazy" and "under indictment"?   PASS

Kim Ruff

So far, no issues with her platform, or her ability to communicate said platform.  Looking forward to hearing more at state convention.  LIKE

Benjamin Leder

Ben either can't or won't respond to inquiries about some of his more curious statements that involve declaring families and/or children of "combatants" (defined as those who would disarm the public) as....combatants.   PASS

Dan Behrman

Dan seems to have "doctrinaire" libertarian views for the most part.  He also insists on wearing a funny hat everywhere.   Is he going to wear that funny hat if he got the nomination and somehow the LP made it into the CPD debates?  UNDECIDED

Christopher Marks

Seems to have refocused on Indiana instead of POTUS.  Wishing him luck!

William Hurst

The following quote comes from Mr. Hurst's own campaign website (emphasis mine)...PASS.
 I do not support any measure that will go against the right to keep an bear arms. I do support background checks to make sure that a person has not lost this right and temporary removal of common weapons pending the trial of only violent offenses. Red Flag Laws will meet a veto unless they fall within this boundary.
    Because people who train with a weapon are far less likely to use them in aggression, I do not disagree with an attempt to require certification before being able to own a firearm or weapon of war. This solidifies the intent of this amendment by assuring the owners can better protect themselves while promoting safety and responsibility without directly infringing on the right.

Adam Kokesh

Activist/gadfly, etc...not a great candidate, IMO if he won't accept incremental change.  You just can't sell anarchy like that.  (sorry, LPRC friends!) PASS

Jo Jorgensen

 Former VP Running mate of Harry Browne in 1996.  Seems to have some money, but I don't know much about her at all, honestly.  UNDECIDED

Ken Armstrong

Lots of experience int he Federal government and military, but website doesn't actually list policy positions.  UNDECIDED

Max Abramson

Sitting state Representative in New Hampshire, and the only "L" partisan in a State legislature that I'm aware of.   That's not nothing...  LIKE

Souraya Faas

See earlier post.    Seems she needs better instincts.  And maybe a better worldview.   PASS

Vermin Supreme

Just...go...away...  Some of us are trying to have an adult conversation, and the number of Libertarians who "support" Vermin as a way of basically voting NOTA makes my head hurt.  If you don't want to participate in the political process, fine...just don't sabotage those of us who do.   PASS PASS PASS!


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