Souraya Faas?

So, there's an LP announced candidate I wasn't aware of: Souraya Faas.

Not sure I'm thinking she's a serious contender...she seems to have some work to do on her platform and, well, instincts?

Souraya Faas, a Republican who has filed to run against Rep. Carlos Curbelo in the August primary, says Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad are "heroes" for fighting terrorism in Syria. She says chemical attacks in 2017 and 2018 that the U.S. government and the UN said were orchestrated by Assad's government never happened.

"All those attacks are staged by the White Helmets," Faas said in an interview, referring to a group of 3,000 volunteer rescuers who have saved thousands of lives since the Syrian civil war began in 2011. There is no evidence to suggest that the White Helmets faked chemical attacks in Syria. Pictures purporting to confirm Faas' argument on the internet are in fact from the set of a Syrian film.

She was a "liberty Republican" out of Florida who flipped to LP recently. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself...happens all the time. But, she also seems to hate on Justin Amash, who I always thought set a pretty high bar for the Liberty Republicans back before he bolted the GOP. (shrug)

Anyway, I can't see her FEC filings, so this may all be a paper exercise. At any rate, I'm likely putting her on the "pass" shelf next to Arvin Vohra and John McAfee.

Will follow up shortly with an slightly updated rundown of declared candidates.


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